The Royal Connaught – The Moderne

Late 2021, The Royal Connaught (located in Downtown, Hamilton, Ontario) started promoting their newest addition called the Moderne.  In that promotional piece it contains a graphic illustration of the purposed Tower, and in that, it contains an image that I took and they have used without compensation. 

This post I will go into the details of how it is my image that they used.

Illustration of The Purposed New Tower at The Royal Connaught – Taken from their Website

My Image

Image taken by Myself (David Fillion) in July 2019

Above is the image that I took a top my Apartment Complex in July 2019. It was a combination of Serval images stitched together to make a Panoramic Image of the Royal Connaught and Gore Park in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

Comparing Both Images

Comparing both photos at face value, we can see that the Perspective of both images are off, which can easily be adjusted in photo editing software. However in The Royal Connaught image has additional lights edited in.

Image I took July 2019 versus what The Royal Connaught released.
Adjusting the Perspective of my Photo to make the one the Royal Connaught’s Website

After using the Photoshop’s Auto-Align feature to align both My photo and the one used by Royal Connaught, you can see the images are suddenly identical. Lights from my photo are carried over and present in their photo. They did add some lights to show some effort into making the image look different

Animated GIF showing the difference between the two images

With Both Images switching back and forth in a GIF animation we can see they are identical with the only additional changes are post processing done by the Graphical Designer from the Royal Connaught.

The RAW file of my Image

My image without any Post Processing done

The Photo above is the Image how it looked after merging them together, No Processing or Editing Done. The take away here is 4th (from the left) Light Beam on the Building. It is not the same as the others. While editing, I cloned an existing beam to replace that one to make the image more uniformed.

In the photo the Royal Connaught used, you can see the the Light beam has also been corrected, however to this day, the actual Light beams are still not working for the 4th (and 6th) light beam

Cell Shot from the Street in Front of the Royal Connaught in November 2021 showing the Light Beams not fixed.


This is only covering some examples of how I believe the Royal Connaught used my image. I can go on and on with more examples, such as how the sunset reflections in the windows are too identical to be taken anywhere else but atop my apartment complex at the exact same time and date that mine was taken.

The Royal Connaught does know I took the Photo, as back in August 2021 (a few months before their new promotion started) They’ve posted the photo with credits to me, which I was Fine with -Social Media use is acceptable as long as Credit is provided and tagged.

The Royal Connaught’s Instagram Account with my Image posted from August 2021.
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